Senior Composition



Class Description and Syllabus



This class not only extends your proficiency in grammar, usage, and sentence structure, but we also spend a good deal of time on process writing. This means not simply sitting down and banging out a paper, but rather taking time to plan, prewrite, compose, revise, and polish to create the best piece of writing possible.


Though obviously not the sole focus of the class, essays are a large portion of the curriculum and the class. You are required to compose at least eight multi-paragraph essays of various types. These will range from personal reflections on life to academic investigations. 


We also spend a great deal of time in the process creating a research project which concludes with a five to seven page essay. The project is not limited to the paper, however. There are many steps to the process, including brainstorming a topic, researching the subject and evaluating sources, note taking, writing a rough draft, revising for content and purpose, and edit for polish. 


Please take note because I cannot stress this enough: you MUST complete all of the essays and turn in an acceptable research project in order to pass this class and graduate on time. Just as in Freshman Composition, if you fail to turn in your essays, you will fail this course.


Click here for a downloadable version of the syllabus in Adobe PDF format.