Class Description and Syllabus

Literature and Society

Class Description and Syllabus

The purpose of this class is to extend your knowledge and proficiency in reading and understanding literature by focusing on the writers and writings that focus on contemporary and often universal social issues.


Since a good number of you will have come from Literary Images and Twentieth Century Reading,  you pretty much know what to expect and what is expected from you. Basically, you read a LOT in order to understand the world around you just a bit better.


As said, this class focuses mainly on contemporary writers of fiction and drama and deals with specific social problems. Most of the works in this class use the working world, an individual's profession, or an individual's unique place in society to make connections to the themes more concrete.


As with your previous literature classes, you will be expected to recall certain aspects of literature and be familiar with the terms and "workings," if you will, of the novel and play. You will also be expected to read a great deal on an almost nightly basis to keep up with the class. 


One warning: DO NOT GET BEHIND!!! It is my experience, as is sadly shared by a few students, that if you get behind in the reading, you will not catch up. We have VERY challenging reading in this class and you are expected to keep up.


As with most all other literature classes, if you do not read the material, you will not pass this class.


Click here for a downloadable version of the syllabus in Adobe PDF format.